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Nothing beats natural stone for bathroom countertops. Let Papagno Designs turn your bathroom from dull to dazzling in a matter of moments with our vast selection of quartz, granite, and onyx!

Choose The Perfect Bathroom Countertop

It's no secret that redesigns, particularly bathroom redesigns involve a host of difficult decisions. What’s the right paint color? Do I need a tiled backsplash? Should I get a shower stall or bathtub or both? Luckily, Papagno Designs is here to make choosing your bathroom countertop a breeze!

The countertop is what really brings the space together, and we are experts at helping you make a perfect choice, whether you are looking to match the existing aesthetic or design your entire bathroom around your new countertop.

As Florida’s leading stone surface company, we are here to answer all your queries. Call us today to get your free quote.

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Bathroom Countertops Miami
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What About

Durability And Maintenance?

Picking out the perfect stone countertop is not simply a question of finding a design you like. You also need to consider the number of people who use your space, and what kind of longevity you’re looking for.

For instance, stone countertops will resist staining and not absorb the many spills that invariably occur in a bathroom. If you choose an absorbent material, products like makeup, toothpaste, and medication are sure to leave their mark.

In the same vein, you’ll need to consider how much time you can spend on maintenance. Some stones, like marble, require more regular maintenance than others, so it’s important that you decide how often you’re willing to either perform or pay for upkeep.

The experts at Papagno Designs are more than happy to guide you in your choices. Reach out to us today at the number below and request a free quote.

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